Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Too costly, either way

You can go to Fairway and get a bag of six challah rolls for about $4--each roll weighs in at about 170 calories.  Or you spent roughly a whopping $7 for a bag of six gluten-free oat rolls found in the frozen-foods section of Seasons kosher supermarket on the Upper West Side of Manhattan--I don't know whether they're available at other branches of Seasons--and be dismayed to discover that each roll weighs in at roughly a whopping 230 calories.  The wheat-intolerant fellow congregant who kindly gave me a box of spelt matzah (before I realized that I couldn't tolerate spelt, either) had warned me that gluten-free bakeries try to compensate for the lack of gluten by using tons of fat in their products, and boy, was he right!  So now I'm faced with a dilemma--I can't eat a whole gluten-free oat roll because it's too fattening, and I hate to throw out part of one because it's so expensive!  Does anyone have a good recipe for gluten-free-oat-roll-based bread pudding?


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